Introducing Parsayan Language Center

Introducing Parsayan Language Center

We in Parsayan language institute provide you with the latest methods of language teaching.

The underlying philosophy of  Parsayan is that all students extend their proficiency in English ,both orally and written.

We offer a generally high level of instruction and our students integrate perfectly well into the English_only classroom.

We 've been been teaching English since 2008 and have helped more than 4000 learners improve their English skills and build their confidence.

In this institute we provide students with different tutorial classes in order to meet their demands in language acquisition and we take them to another level of fluency which is unimaginable.

We can demonstrate your progress by providing you with proficiency tests.

Education is our passion and we 're proud in ensuring our students to have all the opportunities and tools to succeed.

We offer language courses all year round for adults and kids.

We understand that everyone is unique with different needs and different goals so

Learn English,make new friends and mingle with new people.

بازگشت بازگشت به صفحه نخست

نشانی و تلفن شعبه‌های کانون زبان پارسایان :::

شعبه مرکزی (گیشا)

تلفن: 88255600
ابتدای کوی نصر (گیشا) سمت راست، پلاک 7، مجتمع آموزشی پارسایان

شعبه پارک‌وی

تلفن: 26293601
چهارراه پارک‌وی، ضلع جنوب شرقی، نبش خیابان ولیعصر، پلاک 1، جنب داروخانه آرامش

شعبه توحید

تلفن: 12-66574910
میدان توحید، ابتدای نصرت شرقی (دکتر میرخانی)، پلاک 230، طبقه دوم