Robert Mcconney




Robert A.D. McConney
82 Albany Road
Mobile: +98 903 136 1187 / +447527992121

High School Education, Years 7 to 13, Dubai College, UAE. BA graduate in history at the University
of Southampton. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification and 2 years
experience in multiple countries. Ongoing MA degree in Iranian Studies at University of Tehran

University of Tehran — Master’s degree in Iranian Studies 2016-18 (in progress)
University of Southampton — Undergraduate degree in History, 2013-16
Dubai College — A-Levels, June 2013
Dubai College — GCSE, June 2011

November 2016 - (ongoing) — Private English language tuition in Tehran, Iran.
May - June 2016 — Private English language tuition in Barga, Italy.
March 2015 — Raffles International School, Dubai, UAE, Team Leader for Easter Holiday Camp.
Responsible for young teenage students during the daily Camp activities.
June 2015 — Private English language tuition in Barga, Italy.
January - May 2015 — Part-time promotional employment for Vita Student Accommodation,
Southampton, UK. Leaflet distribution on the University Campus and promoting the Vita brand
during University Open Days.
March 2014 — Easter break: Private History tuition to GCSE history students, Dubai, UAE.


June 2015 — Three weeks voluntary work on a farm in the Garfagnana region of Tuscany, Italy.


‘From Melet to Dhimmi: Jewish and Christian Minorities of Babylonia from the Late Sasanian to
Early Islamic period’.


Art and Cinema — Travelled extensively, visiting many of the world’s major art galleries; the wing of
Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art being a particular highlight.
Debate — A regular member of the University of Southampton Debating Society.
History and Literature — Interest in discussing the cultural output and historical context of
particular parts of the world.

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